Name: Beatice Popdoblous

District: 3

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon: Crossbow

Personality: She is mostly rude because she gets bullied for her Face and her looks and how she Dresses She is not smart like other kids so people think she is Vuglar stupid and ugly but she is only nice too her friends which are Mezona and Yanna.

Strenghs: She is good with rope she can make anything with it also she is good with Blackmailing people and finally she is a pro at thorwing spears.

Weaknesses: She is dumb which is rare in her district also she is not strong and she is mean.

Allience: Herself because nobody likes her.

Strategy: She will stick get many stuff that she needs then make traps and kill if she has too.

Backstory: Beatrice has always been a loser everyone except her mom dad and her two friends hate her everyone calls Beatrice Piggy because her face looks like a pigs face she has a  big nose and the popular girls hate her once they set her up with a blind date with a thirty year old man since one of the popular girls dad is a cop they did not arrest those girls but her dad beated up beatrice and  on the bright side when beatrice was knocked out a boy fell and tripped and landed on her so he kissed her when beatrice waked up the boy ran away and made a rumor that Beatrice is in love with him and wants too do stuff with him but the rumor was not true so beatrice wanted too die she started crying and yelling that everyone hates her so her friends were fake they told Beatrice that the hunger games were a pagent that can make nerds like herr beautifel so she got reaped but when she was at the justice building everyone was happy that she was reaped.