Name: Dolly Woof

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: 10

Apperance: Dolly has Short hair up too her Shoulders and the top of her hair in Blonde and the rest of her hair is dirty blonde.

Personailty: She is a nice Southern girl and she has an Southern girl accent and she has a short fuze and she will get mad very easy.

Weapon: An lasso and Long knifes.

Strengths: She is Strong she is a pro at growing crops and she is a fast runner.

Weaknesses: She is bad a close combat also she is a bad swimmer and finally she is bad at hiding.

Alliance: Any underdogs not the Careers.

Games strategy: She will fight her way too the cornucopia then she will kill anyone in her path except her allies and the Careers because there stronger and after she will hide in the trees or with her allies.

Backstory: Dolly liked growing cropss when she was five she grew a tomato shee was so proud so she kept it and named it Tammy she kept it for a couple of years for like nine years it turned rotton but she still kept it even kids would tease her and call her names but she standed it for them and the four girls got a black eye Dolly wanted love but she got reaped and if she does not win her family would have anymore kids because Dolly had 10 sisters but they all died in the hunger games and each games they got killed by distict twelve female so Dolly wants too kill distict twelve female the most.