Name: Larissa Mena

District: 5,3,10

Age: 17

Appearance: Larissa is Told too be very ugly by the mean girls But she looks ok. Larissa Has long Ginger hair that is very pretty and her hair has Bangs Also on her hair she has Lots of purple streaks she always puts her hair up in a pony tail she is super skinny and she has green eyes.

Height: 5"4

History: Larissa was always being Bullied because she was a Ginger. The girls would call her carrot head and Taunt her until her Face will be red with tears But the bully's never got Caught since they were too quick and the aldults thought that the girls who bullied Larissa were Innocent. One day When Larissa was Thirteen she tried too dye her hair But by Mistake she dyed her hair more of the ginger color and it had bits of purple in her hair so people started too call her werido Because those girls thought that only girls from the captail have there hair all werid but luckly for her she was not poor she just had enought money to feed herself and have a roof over her head at her 17th birthday she got reaped.

Weapon: a slingshot and a knife

Weaknesses: She cries alot and she is not strong.

Strengths: She is smart and she is fast also she can climb.

Fears: He is scared of getting ganged up on.

Strategy: She will try to hide in the trees and she will fight if she has to.

Bloodbath strategy: She will run and get what she needs and she will try to avoid other tributes.

Allience: Nobody

Token: Her locket.