Name: Misty Freeman

District: 4

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Weapon: Knifes and Nets

Personality: Misty is a beauty queen so she acts Spoiled and mean because for mom wants her too but she wants too be a Career not some girl who acts like she is fake like plastic she can be nice and flirty and she wants too show that she will execl at the games.

Strenghs: She is a pro at making nets her nets are strong that even grass cant get out she is also really run for a Twelve year old she is the fastest runner at the Career academy and finally she is a super smart.

Weaknesses: She is litte because her bones are small and she is a bad swimmer in her district which is really rare in her district.

Allience: Careers

Strategy: She will stick with the Careers and she will try too get the other twelve year old Careers too be strong and dont like the older ones push them around if they do she will climb on them and bite there ears and if they keep on doing in she will trap them in the net and she will kill tributes like traping them in nets and stab them.

Backstory: Misty was a beauty queen at the age of Six then she got mad and wanted too became a Career in the Career academy and she was good at making nets once  she catched the toughest boy in her career academy then the guy started blaming her best friend  then he therw a trident at him after that misty was sad so she got caught and after the guy started too bully her and make everyone hate her but the only friend she had was her sister and her friends but luckly the taunting and bullying only lasted for 8 months after those eight months Misty became popular and had lots of friends but she was reaped.


These are pictures of misty!

  • Misty as Lunaii
  • Misty anime style
  • Misty in real life