Name:  Samantha Shocking-Dana

District: 3

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Personality: Nice, friendly. smart girl when you get her mad she will be Rude Prissy and ruin your life but she gets upset because she never knew her dad.

Backstory:  When Ethan shocking and his girl friend when they were eighteen they were having fun (i am not saying the word) and a few months later his girlfriend got pregant snd she got so bad that Ethan Decided too volunteer sam's mom got so mad that she dumped him . When Sam was Born she looked like Ethan but with a mix of Neon orange and dark brown hair like Ethan had so when Sam was a kid she had a good life everyone liked her  because of who she is and  how she is like her dad when sam was in  her room watching reruns of the hunger games and saw him get killed (if he won it will be diffrent) She she wanted too end her life and volunteer but she wanted too win also.

Height: 5"2

Appearance: (Lunaii Will come later)

Weapons:  An Axe just like her Daddy.

Strengths:  Is Strong, Cute, Good at Using Wire, Running , Smart

Weaknesses: Easily injured, Is a bad Climber , bad at making Traps and she will eat anything.

Fears: Distict 11 male.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run off grab what she needs and try and join the Careers then do what Ethan did.

Games Strategy: Keep on killing anyone in her path and she will hide at the trees.

Alliance: Careers then No body