Name: Talarie Neko

District: 9

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: On her good side she is a Sweet heart and on her Badside she is your worst nightmere.

Backstory: At school everyone loves her, the teachers love her all the boys like her even Some girls envy her. In school she is the most likeable girl you will ever meet shes not one of those mean girls but when you get on her mean side she is really rude. But sadly at home her family hates her, her sisters (Ivana, 13 and Valatin, 13) would throw forks and spoons at her calling all the mean words that they can think of and her Mom would beat her up so will her dad but in her family the only family member that she would trust is her Brother ( Vasli, 18) but one day she got sick of her sisters hurting her so she desided too thorw a rock at Valatin So her sisters are scared of her but her Mom and dad still Abuse her and also her sisters still bug her.

Height: 61

Apperance: Blonde locks,Very skinny, pale pink eyes

Weapons: Kantana (A sword)

Strenghs: Can last a long time with out water and hand too hand combat

Weaknesses: Is a bad hider and Bad with animals

Fears: she has a Fear of Pain.

Interview Angle: She will act Flirty and Funny

Bloodbath Strategy: she will try and get her stuff if any attacks her she would try too pop there veins and give them pain.

Token: a moon neckless from her brother

Alliences: Anyone who wants too ally with her